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Minimal parts needed for play of the game: 2 Teams, 1 Park, 1 Play Book, 1 set of Strategy Cards,
and 1 set of 10-sided dice (or a calculator programmed to produce random numbers 1-50)

Part A - Individual Teams and Parks

Team League Year Need Park

Part B - Complete League Seasons

League Year # of Teams
See table below
Parks Needed
'All' or itemize
# of Parks
Add # of parks from Parks Needed. If 'All', # is same as # of teams

AL seasons # of teams NL seasons # of teams
1901-1960 8 1894-1899 12
1961-1968 10 1900-1961 8
1969-1976 12 1962-1968 10
1977-present 14 1969-1992 12
    1993-1997 14
    1998-present 16

Part C - Extra Parks Only

Park League Year

Play Book, Strategy Cards, Dice, and Roster Sheets

Item Cost Quantity
Play Book $12.00
Strategy Card $1.00
Set of Dice $5.00
Roster Sheet $0.25

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