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Ball Park Baseball™ is a game of skill between players who act as managers (and general managers) of the teams they own. Test your knowledge of major league baseball, its players, and parks as you match wits with your competition.

Created in 1957 by Charles Sidman, a Fulbright Scholar, and later a university professor, Ball Park Baseball™ is generally acknowledged as the most statistically accurate baseball boardgame in existence. It also comes the closest to recreating baseball as it is actually played on the field.

Ball Park Baseball™allows baseball fans to put into practice their knowledge of the game and its players. Ball Park Baseball™ is easy to play, however your knowledge of the players' abilities and individual characteristics of the parks, combined with good strategy, decision-making, and timing, will determine whether you can consistently beat your competition.

Ball Park Baseball™ provides the most complete set of team and ballparks available on the market today:

The game pieces, all sold individually, include:


Play World Series match-ups, pit teams from different eras against each other, play full or mini-seasons with their historical rosters, organize league competition - the possibilities are endless!

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I hope you enjoy Ball Park Baseball™ as much as those before you have and continue to do.

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Charles Sidman